Re-homing birds & Adoptions

Surrendering your bird to the club should only be done as a last resort

At times throughout the year, the Parrot Club of Manitoba is asked to take unwanted birds for various reasons. Sometimes an owner passes away and their bird must find a new loving home. At other times, it is because a bird has developed behavioural issues and is given up. Regardless of the case, birds taken into the club are fostered by volunteers until a long-term placement can be found. Birds surrendered to the club are available for adoption to the membership first, before being advertised elsewhere. If you are currently not a member, please join the club  to be notified when birds become available. Please note, re-homing preference may be given to members who have requested specific species, have experience with the class of parrot available (small, medium, large, x-large), or have been to parrot club meetings.

If you are thinking of re-homing a bird due to behavioural issues, please join the club and request advice before giving up on your bird. In many cases, diet, environmental conditions, cage setup, or handling can contribute to aggressive behaviour and be corrected.

If you intend to surrender a bird which is suspected of being sick you MUST disclose this information. Surrendered birds are often fostered by members who have birds of their own, which may put them at unnecessary risk of illness or even death.

Success stories

Feathered friends getting a second chance

Lovebird named Lucky (rescue) fostered by T. Bethge


Lucky, a Peach-faced Lovebird was surrendered to the club in 2018 likely due to behavioural issues. She was fostered by several members before finding a new home in February, 2019. While feisty at first, Lucky turned out to be a sweet girl who loved riding around on the shoulder and hanging off of any shirt her person was wearing.